Top Cleaning Tips The Pros Won’t Tell You

Cleaning is never a fun job to do.  Getting into the dirt and grime of our daily activities can lead you down a path few want to travel.  Reaching into a garbage can and hitting something wet and sticky just sends shiver down your spine.  This is why many companies will hire a cleaning minneapolis company to do the job for them.

Start with the big stuff

As we clean different areas will become dirty again, this is why starting with the big areas is a good idea.  Trash cans, boxes and items that take up space should be your top priority.  Once these items are removed from the room you can move on to the next area.


Start dusting high up.  This is where you can knock dust off of lights, lamps and other areas that seldom get touched.  When the dust settles you can hit the rugs with a vacuum or the floors with a broom and mop.


Windows should be next.  As you can see we are moving downward through the room in a logical pattern.  Once you hit the windows, make sure to wipe down the windowsills as well as hit right underneath where dirt tends to gather.

Desks and tables

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Desks and tables are next.  Here you can wipe down the areas with a damp cloth, knock any loose matter onto the floor and keep the general areas nice and clean.

The Floors

Finally, before you leave you want to hit the floors.  If there are rugs, then you want to use a vacuum.  If you have tile or wood, then a broom will do the trick. 

Accent rugs

There are sometimes rugs at the entrances to the doors as well as some scattered throughout the room.  One quick trick you can do is hit these rugs with a very damp mop before walking out of the room.  This is an old janitors’ trick that gets the rugs clean and you don’t have to haul out the vacuum